Sicilian Stelline pasta


1 large clove of fresh garlic, minced

2-3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil

1 box of Barilla Stelline star pasta

2-3 cups of chicken broth

Zest of 1 large Lemon

1 large Lemon,  Juice

1-2 Tbsp fresh Basil, minced

1-2 Tbsp fresh Mint, minced

Salt Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Died Cranberries (Craisins)


In a nonstick saucepan saute your minced garlic in 2 tbsp olive oil for 1 min. Add in your stelline pasta to toast and stir well. Add in your chicken broth- it should completely cover your pasta but not too far drowning. Bring to a boil and cook for 7-8 mins, stirring often so it doesnt burn… add more chicken broth if needed.  In a separate bowl zest your lemon and the juice of that entire lemon. Add in the rest of your olive oil, basil, mint, salt and pepper to that bowl and mix.  The stelline should be well cooked… taste to see if its al dente.  Pour your mixture ontop of your stelline and add in your died craisins and stir well and serve. Enjoy!